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TPN is the creative vision and platform from which nutritionist, Tilly Pearman has developed her method, Body Science. 

Through her practice she offers professional advice in the form of private consultations, talks, workshops, genetic profiling and  freelance consulting.


Tilly is a fully certified nutritional therapist, Health & Fitness manager at Soho House and master trainer in genetic profiling.  

Available for private consultations, Tilly is here to get you to maximum dietary efficiency and provide you with a programme that compliments your training and lifestyle regime.

Expect to improve your health and reach your body goals with a full nutritional analysis and functional testing that will tailor necessary adjustments to your daily food and supplement intake, eliminating anything that may be holding you back.



Body Science by TPN is a personalised sports nutrition method that combines scientific knowledge to transform and reshape the body. Utilising the most effective elements of functional medicine, individualised programs ensure fast, measurable results that work in-line with your own unique performance goals.




Body Science was created to re-define our approach to sports nutrition. Shifting focus away from unsustainable dieting, food is re-delivered to you with an appreciation for how it affects our bodies, both physically and mentally. 





Tilly Pearman is a fully certified Nutritionist practicing from London. She trained at the London College of Naturopathic Medicine and is registered with the British Association of Nutritional Therapists (BANT).